About the agency

As a collaborative group, we work together to create cohesive, high value, marketing assets creating a visual reality for you and your clients.  We are committed to meeting the demands of current fast-paced media schedules with innovative concepts, relentless attention to detail, and exceptional quality.

We match the best qualified photographer and film director to your mission, vision, products, and services. Our creative team is dedicated to generating a tangible return on investment on every project. It is our privilege to work in mass communication, with this comes great care and consideration, for we, are the manipulators of minds and hearts. We only work with clients that align with our standards of making this world a better place for everyone, socially, environmentally, and civically. 

Every project has it's own constraints and possibilities, given that we as a group are lovers of the process and committed to providing the highest quality service, if we can not meet your needs we know someone that can.

Our group has worked worldwide on commercial print , television, film and new media campaigns with well-known agencies, companies and charitable organizations. 

If you want to chat about the awesome creatives I represent or those that are being mentored by them, baseball, or  nerdy TV shows give me a call 216-956-4950

About me

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I believe in people.

Optimistically, unrealistically, over and over, I believe in the goodness of people.

I'm kind of the George Bailey of artist agents. I feel most alive, joyful, satisfied (insert every synonym), when I see those that seek to create in their element, thriving and alive with making. I hope that those who haven't seen the wealth of talent will take more than a 10 sec thumb swipe and see the creativity, innovation, hard work and grit this city has been churning out for decades.           

Best wishes – Julia