Here is the scenario: You are a brand manager/marketing director/small business and need photography for that $15k- $60k website you have been working on for the last 6-9 month, the upcoming trade show, your social media, and those ad layouts. You have 2 weeks to do it, and in your mind, anything is better nothing. You think $500 should do it, that's how much it is on Getty. (I will cover stock photography and what the ROI is on that in another post)


Take that $500 and throw it out the window.

Photographers that charge $500 are one of 3 types:

Type 1 - The Newbie/Insta Photographer

New and doesn't know what they are doing.....YET and are therefore will not able to create anything more than a copy of what they see in front of them, which you won't like.

Type 2 - Jack of All Photographer/Done it all Guy

Has been in the business for 40 years and will take any work they can get. Again, this results in you paying for images that could not possibly communicate your brand no grab anyone's attention.

Type 3 - Part-timer

Is actually an insurance salesman who oddly enough can only shoot on the weekend or after 5 pm. This is not their passion, which means it's a paycheck, a hobby, something they can't yet fully commit to.......yet. Your project is building their portfolio and of the three sometimes you will get good work, it's for sure a gamble. 

Good Photography is made by

Professional Photographers

5 way to know you are hiring a professional photographer

  1. They cost more than $500.

  2. They can give you examples of profits generated by the work they have done for other clients.

  3. They have professional training (interned/assisted with veteran experts in the field)

  4. They have a portfolio of work with commercial examples of their published work

  5. They are represented.

Good Photography visually communicates

mission | vision| core principles | products | services

4 ways TO guarantee photography WILL MAKE YOU MONEY

  1. INCLUDE the investment for photography & video in your budgets from the beginning.

  2. MEET with professional photographers before you start on your website so they can help inform you rather than fill in.

  3. Hire a Professional - if you need help assessing what a professional is, contact me I will look at the photographers you are considering.

  4. Look at Rep sites other than mine ( and familiarize yourself with how professional photographers present themselves. 

Professional Photography is an investment

investMENT STANDARDS in photography to see a return 

It depends, good photography ranges from market to market and industry to industry. Here is a good starting point to know that you are investing in a professional.

Commercial Photography: Average starting point for creative fees*

$1800 - $5000

*This fee is just for the photographer to create the images. Additional fees for Usage/Production/Crew/Image Processing all vary from project to project.



Portraits: 1 image of you on white in one outfit in a photography studio

$250 - $300

We recommend that when you have your portrait done that you have a stylist (hair make-up and wardrobe) which adds an additional $75 - $250



Event Photography: 1 – 4 hours & 30-40 Images



I promise to be a safe resource for clients and photographers to openly discuss the delicate balance of value, talent, and ROI.

Let's just start with the first step....

HIRE Professional Photographers

In the next blog I will detail past client investments and how much our clients (whom will remain confidential unless the information is public) made millions .... millions people .... on $50k - $150k investment. 

to be continued..... 

photo by James Douglas