Nick Cavalier - Lets Talk About Documentary Film

Film Director Nick Cavalier gets to the heart of creating.  

"Documentary Film: A documentary film to me is defined like any other film. It's a piece of art that leaves you with awe and wonderment towards the world. Some lesson was imparted, some new perspective or nugget of truth. This could be your truth, or a universal truth. It's a message created and crafted by the director, which mirrors his/her existing view on the world or a lesson he/she learned through the process of making the film. It gifts wisdom. It makes you think, and most importantly, it makes you feel. Often times it's poetic and understated. It treats the viewer as an equal, not less than. It's human and raw, while also conveying a deeply engrained perspective (bias) which is a unique viewpoint. It's factual, but it's presenting that information through the eyes of the person creating it"  
"....what defines good or bad work. What lessons I have learned over the years. What is ethical, and moral and what qualities are needed in any piece to move the craft forward into the future. These are my opinions, some will be unpopular, and some will be common sense. For better or worse, here it is." 

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